Investigative Services

The Auto Theft Task Force Inc is a fully license private investigative agency. Our investigators and consultants each have over 30 years of experience in auto theft and auto crimes.


The Auto Theft Task Force, Inc. provides other services and resources such as consulting, investigative referrals, ATTF Bulletins, and links to other companies that have a common goal of combating auto theft and other auto crimes. Consulting is available for auto crimes investigations, anti-theft proposals, dealership or business security matters, policy & procedure reviews, and legislative issues.  The Auto Theft Task Force supports and helps organize the South Florida Motor Vehicle, Watercraft, and Cargo Investigator Network.  The Auto Theft Task Force, Inc. provides the service of conducting physical onsite inventory and/or records inspections, completed per client’s guidelines, of collateral vehicles, returned leased vehicles, or records relating to vehicles financed, leased, stored, sold, or leased for client.  Inspection costs vary depending on the location and size of the business and dept of the inspection being requested.   Business inspections include, Floor Plan Inventory Inspections, Franchise Dealer Inspections, Lease or Rental Vehicle Lot Inspections and Salvage Motor Vehicle Dealer Inspections.


The Auto Theft Task Force, Inc. provides services to assist in confirming the legitimate vehicle identification number of a motor vehicle or investigating the history of a vehicle to assist in identifying or confirming an active lien, a title fraud, or any past damage condition or salvage designation.   VIN Inspection Request – Title History Request – Vehicle History Request