The Auto Theft Task Force, Inc. provides courses and presentations on auto theft and other auto crimes depending on the hiring agency, organization, or client’s request. Courses are presented by professional experts and designed to educate your agency or company’s employees or members at your site or a site arranged by the Auto Theft Task Force. Cost of the presentation depends on the site selection, travel cost, length of time, number of instructors, and number of students. Additionally, our presentations can be modified or customized to fit the needs of the entity or company requesting the training.

Available Courses:

  • Basic Auto Theft
  • VIN Inspections
  • Tag Enforcement
  • Vehicle Title Fraud
  • Export of Stolen Vehicles
  • Salvage Vehicle Investigations
  • Rebuilt Vehicle Inspections
  • Curbstone Enforcement
  • Obaining Vehicles by Fraudulent Purchases
  • VIN History and Breakdown
  • Altered VIN Investigations
  • Clone Vehicle Investigations
  • Lien Fraud Investigations
  • Vehicle Insurance Fraud
  • Dealership Crimes
  • Chop Shop Investigations
  • Online Training

In the future, the Auto Theft Task Force, Inc. will provide all of our courses on line, at a minimal cost, to members through the members only section of the website. Members will be able to view the training presentations on their own computer at their own pace.

Contact us today to schedule training for your organization.